Architectural Record Features Bark House® Poplar Wall Coverings

Great expectations usually accompany a visit to cities such as New York, San Francisco, Denver or DC.  Plan to experience the most relevant activities, businesses, beauty, fashion and design.  And of course, be sure to leave some time for a little mystery, forest mystery that is and Botox.

Unveiled late summer, 2014, a new luxury space inspired by the layers of a tree and featuring our Bark House® panels was created for some of DC’s elite high-profile power players.  Doctors Noelle Sherber and Ariel Rad of Sherber + Rad opened their new boutique for skincare and cutting edge treatments in both dermatology and plastic surgery.

“The sleek space was designed with luxury and, more importantly, discretion in mind.”  – DC Modern Luxury Magazine

The Washington Post notes that “People want to have long careers, vibrant careers, and this is an intersection of appearance and performance.”  In the quest for relevance and discretion, this is the place to go, but not be seen.

SherberRad15-12-01ASeptember’s Architectural Record features Surface Tension: A Progression of Materials… from rough poplar bark to smooth bronze panels.  Beauty may be skin-deep, but David Jameson’s design for the offices of a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon reaches beneath the surface, peeling back layers of intrigue. Inspired by the structure of a tree—with its rough bark  on the outside and smoother rings closer to the core— the Washington, D.C.–based architect organized the 3,770-square-foot facility as a progression of spaces wrapped in increasingly refined materials.

“The project is about layering—both spatially and in terms of textures and materials,” says Architect David Jameson, AIA.

SherberRad15-12-18AJameson lined the walls here with the thick bark of 40 poplar trees, unrolled vertically to create the impression of a flattened forest. Some of the bark still has lichen attached or knots where branches had been. Variations in color, texture, and width show that nature is not uniform and enhance the visual appeal of the space.

The Sherber + Rad Website notes this about the Bark House product and their new space: Designed by renowned architect David Jameson, the boutique features a spectrum of skin tones, from gold leather to caramel, poplar tree bark-cladded walls juxtaposed with hand-made product vitrines in champagne bronze glass evoking “natural meets high tech,” an intersection of qualities that characterize the skincare and haircare products housed within. Handpicked from hundreds of applicants, the S+R staff are trained as models of exquisite service, care, and attention to detail.

The project won the AIA Virginia/Washington, DC Award of Merit in Commercial Interiors.

You can view more project photos from the General Contractor, Madden CCI, LLC.

What do we think about this project?  We think it is “BEAUTIFUL, Outside and Within™”.

You can now view our NEW POPLAR PANEL CATALOG AND INVENTORY and express your own beauty from within.



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