Designing a Business Beautifully – Inspired By Nature Part 1

Healthy Buildings Start with Pure Materials – Sourced and Manufactured Responsibly

Cradle To Cradle Material Health PLATINUM Certificate

Products with the Bark House® brand have been designed following nature’s inspiration since company inception in 1990.

Bark House® Poplar Shingles and Wall Coverings are 100% natural and pass California Air Quality VOC Standards.  The bark of the tree is naturally designed to provide protection from weather, fire, bugs and other exposures.  Nature has solved complex human engineering problems throughout our existence and offers pure, simple solutions that we at The Bark House are inspired by.  No chemical protectants or additives are used in the manufacturing process and none are required for the life of the product – up to 80 years for exteriors.

Some of the benefits of our work includes setting a new building industry standard for healthy materials, supporting our local culture through artisan craftsmanship, supporting independent businesses that appreciate the quality of wood products.


From Healthy Building

“The EPA estimates that people spend up to 90% of their time in buildings. Buildings are built almost entirely with materials that are synthetic, chemically processed or treated. Designers, builders and building owners often don’t know what building materials are made from and only learn about health concerns after a project is completed… Every construction project is a new opportunity to get buildings healthier. In the United States alone, over 300 million people live, work, and play in five million commercial buildings. Increasingly buildings are being judged on how well they contribute to people’s health and wellbeing… Wellbeing starts when we know what we’re building with.  The chemicals in building materials are as invisible as greenhouse gases and can be equally harmful.  The materials we build with can affect our wellbeing as much as the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. For the most part, we can’t see the toxic chemicals that leak into our indoor air.  Most chemicals used in building products are not tested for their impact on human health. We may assume everyday building products won’t harm us, but we still can’t reliably know that they won’t.”

Since 1990, The Bark House® has been changing the nature of buildings.

Impacts: People- Planet- Prosperity


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