Mountain Mist at 6,683 Feet

There are reasons for the lore that surrounds mountain life.  Just like the mists that shroud us at high elevations, the mystery of life unfolds to the quiet observer and through the biggest of characters.

It seems illogical that a group of people who work together – especially the long hours we put in during bark season would want to spend bark-house-expert-team-mount-mitchell-camping-2016time with one another outside of work.  But this seems to be the way of things.  I laugh because I know that each of us get grumpy at the packing and unpacking and forgetting stuff we needed and the multiple calls like small children to each other to pick up this or that on the way to whatever final camping destination that we’ve chosen for the week-end.  But when we get there we always laugh and tell spouses things they did not know.  Depending on who burned whom in the office last, the stories become embellished.  When it’s time to leave, there is always disappointment and the start of a plan for the next time.

bark-house-expert-team-mount-mitchell-kids-2-2016 bark-house-expert-team-mount-mitchell-kids-3-2016

On this special occasion – father’s day week-end – our team shared a 5-course dinner at the highest elevation east of the Mississippi on Mount Mitchell during our camping trip.  This is camping when the car is not too far away to lug in big boxes of goods that include a fresh baked pie and a full sized pillow for a good night’s sleep – but it is also rustic enough that the restroom is a bit of a hike away.  We enjoyed weather in the 30’s as everyone below suffered through agonizingly hot conditions.  Stories are never lacking and you are guaranteed to be belly-sore the next day.


Father’s Day Dinner at 6,683′

First Course
Fresh Pea Soup

Organic Valley Pasture Raised White Cheddar

Light Potato Salad with Fresh Dill

Main Course
Open Fired Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Greasy Beans, Corn on the Cob

Home Baked and Farm Grown Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Each Course Was Paired With
Pure Mountain Water – Lore Withstanding

bark-house-expert-team-mount-mitchell-sunset-2016Dress For The Evening
Everything Packed: Double Pants, Socks and Shirts; Fleece Pullover, Windbreaker, Toboggan, Gloves and Scarf

Entertainment Provided
Tall Tales

Evening Highlights
A Sunset Above Every Tree Line That Can’t Be Described and Photos Don’t Do Justicebark-house-expert-team-mount-mitchell-sunset2-2016


Myths and Mists:

  • There is confusion about the location of Mitchell Waterfalls, made infamous after Elisha Mitchell (for whom Mt Mitchell is named ) tragically fell to his death just above.  The waterfall is not located on Park land, but is privately owned.
  • According to the Mount Mitchell website, the mist that covers the mountain is “…sometimes as acidic as vinegar” due to air pollution.
  • Mount Mitchell received 66 inches of snowfall over a 72 hour period in 2016, according to The Asheville Citizen Times.
  • Precipitation is heavy and reliable year-round, averaging 74.7 inches annually.


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