Bark House® Exterior Poplar Bark Shingles and Wall Panels

Q:  What does it mean to clients for this company to have the first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ PLATINUM products?

A:  Open and Transparent Certification means that clients have Third Party verification from Cradle to Cradle® that products are made in fundamentally better ways.  PLATINUM is the highest standard in that strategy and reflects five points: Material Health, Reutilization, Water Stewardship, Renewable Energy and Carbon Management, and Social Equity. 

We offer quality, authenticity and depth at every level that clients and the people we work with choose to engage with us. 

Some people love the great look and quality of the bark.  That alone engages them to integrate it in unique designs in their buildings.  In doing so, they have increased the power of their purchase because we share with the community. (Read Here)

Some people want to know more about the processes that we follow in business and manufacturing.  In doing so, they learn more about how their decision enhanced biodiversity and ecology. (Forest Ramble)

Still others connect with the purpose behind what we are doing.  In doing so, they actively participate in building whole communities. (Within Bark House)

Bark House® has bridged product (shared prosperity), process (planet) and purpose (people) beautifully – making us a “best of the best” team and a REGENERATIVE company.

B E A U T I  F U L
Outside and Within™



Creating real distinction in the marketplace; increasing a depressed area’s economic viability through free job training; coaching and supporting independent business owners; attracting and improving a unique workforce; site improvement; town improvement.


  1. Real Marketplace Distinction: BH@HC represents a true niche market that the company founders originated over 25 years ago.  Product distribution has now grown to EVERY state in the US and includes International sales.  The Bark House® brand is recognized as a mark of distinction in deep quality.
  2. Job Training: Training Appalachian loggers and out of work coal miners and others in collaboration with partners such as MACED and Agricultural Extension Offices.  Hours invested in training for the last 12 months = 415
  3. Coaching IBOs: Transitioning staff to personal business ownership, serving on the High Country Council of Governments Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) committee that leverages various investment dollars for local initiatives, assistance with loan preparation or acquisition of funding for IBO’s.
  4. Improving a Workforce: We routinely work with interns from ASU, students transitioning from high-school to college or those on summer break, we educate everyone that we are involved with in sustainability and best management practices, encouraging professional development, serving on the High Country Workforce Development Board to give IBOs a voice in planning activities as well as access and specified referral to needed resources.
  5. Site Improvement: We continue to renovate buildings and spaces owned by HC to improve the street-scape and work with SP Main Street to reclaim vacant spaces.  The 3,000 man hour Town “Cooper Report” identified derelict buildings as the biggest block to the Town’s economic viability.
  6. Town Improvement:  This year we concluded a six year engagement with the Main Street Organization and resigned President, Chris McCurry in which the Economic Development Arm was enacted, and culminated in an award winning Central Park being built with collaboration from UNC-Chapel Hill, Appalachian State University, The Town of Spruce Pine, local businesses and residents.

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