The Yard and Office Crew of the Bark House at Highland Craftsmen, Inc.

Bark House® Exterior Poplar Bark Shingles and Wall Panels

Q:  What does it mean to clients for this company to have the first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ PLATINUM products?

A:  Open and Transparent Certification means that clients have Third Party verification from Cradle to Cradle® that products are made in fundamentally better ways.  PLATINUM is the highest standard in that strategy and reflects five points: Material Health, Reutilization, Water Stewardship, Renewable Energy and Carbon Management, and Social Equity. 

We offer quality, authenticity and depth at every level that clients and the people we work with choose to engage with us. 

Some people love the great look and quality of the bark.  That alone engages them to integrate it in unique designs in their buildings.  In doing so, they have increased the power of their purchase because we share with the community. (Barkitecture)

Some people want to know more about the processes that we follow in business and manufacturing.  In doing so, they learn more about how their decision enhanced biodiversity and ecology. (Forest Ramble)

Still others connect with the purpose behind what we are doing.  In doing so, they actively participate in building whole communities. (Read Here)

Bark House® has bridged product (shared prosperity), process (planet) and purpose (people) beautifully – making us a “best of the best” team and a REGENERATIVE company.

B E A U T I  F U L
Outside and Within™



Our work is in keeping with Appalachian culture of quality in craftsmanship and materials from source through shipping and reutilization; a strong sense of independence; love of nature; sharing with workers, colleagues and community; as well as an appreciation of hard work.  Additionally , our work employs bridging and a focus on building whole communities.


  1. Quality Craftsmanship and Materials – Source to Reutilization: A five point quality control program ensures that the Founders’ vision of Bark House quality is present in every shingle and panel starting with the materials selected through refined processing.  Over 25% of our material is sourced from Appalachian loggers who hold certifications that relate to specific training in safety and environmental stewardship.  All are subject to US Forest Best Management Practices.  Our recycling plan ensures that the final product disposition is a biological nutrient.
  2. Independence: We honor the independence of vendors allowing them flexible hours without contracts with quotas while validating best management practices.
  3. Love of Nature: We protect the environment through best management practices and environmental stewardship.  We reconnect people through the built environment with the natural world through minimally refined, natural materials (biophilia).  We enjoy many nature based activities as a team.
  4. Sharing and Providing Optimal Worker Conditions: Every year we choose community volunteer projects that align with the needs of the area.  To date, BH@HC has invested 650 hours in volunteering and community education.  We have supported the Mitchell County Fund, High Country COG Workforce Development Board, B Corp Community Education and Advancement, Advocating for logger advancement through state affiliated programs such as Pro-Logger, Master-Logger and SMART-Logger which focuses on issues of safety, economic development and environmental stewardship.  We consistently give more than 1.5% of income, not profit, to the community.  An OSHA SHARP Certification verifies our commitment to employee health and safety.  We have flex schedules, 360 reviews, gym membership, a bicycle and on-site kitchen and shower.
  5. Appreciation for Hard Work: Although unspoken, this “passage of ‘manhood'” occurs between older and younger generations and the different work groups that come together on the yard.  For example, students on summer break consider the yard their rite of passage as they transition to permanent employment.  Architects traveling from cities can distinguish this pride and participate in it as they seek out vendors and their stories from the deep mountains.  We watch distances between people disappear.  This is when the Art Of Work becomes a Work Of Art.
  6. Bridging:  We actively bridge rural communities with services in metropolitan areas and make introductions as deemed helpful.  We create an environment that supports cultural exchange, is disruptive to systems that hold people back.  The business links source vendors, workers and community with universities, research centers, councils of government, cultural institutions and distinguished clients, supporting relationships that build a richer future and whole communities.

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