White Birch Bark – Private Montana Fishing Estate

The bark of the white birch tree rises to the designer’s eye in a play that seems to have had intention.  Captured in ancient lore, this tree is said to have “eyes” that served as guides along arduous mountain journeys so that any traveler would be seen safely home.  The trunks and branches of the White Birch stand out strongly in the shadow of the forest.  The white column of bark provides a contrast to the strong colors of flowers and foliage.  There are not many truly white barks in nature. Brought into a building, authentic white birch bark intact poles and wall coverings can have mystical overtones.

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Of Hill & Home:  A private Montana fishing estate takes its cues from the vast and rugged landscape.

“In summer, wildflowers stipple the mountain slopes of Montana’s Gallatin County, not far from Bozeman. The region is home to brooks flowing with trout and layers of hillsides and jagged peaks. The unmarred waterfront terrain inspired the owner of this home to purchase 300 acres within the glade where the Gallatin River forks…  To forge his vision of living in harmony with the land, the homeowner turned to Studio H. Design, a Bozeman firm noted for its mountain modern aesthetic and its philosophy that both the land and the client should dictate design direction. Studio owner and lead architect Nate Heller built his approach upon insights gleaned from the owner… Interiors, a collaboration between the owner and Studio H. Design, have a rustic elegance… A birch-tree half wall, designed by Studio H. Design and installed by Bozeman-based Earth Elements, divides the living room in the main residence…  Each three-dimensional work of art feels both personal and appropriate for the aesthetic of the space.”

Earth Elements  stores are located in Gallatin Gateway and White Fish, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, and Sun Valley, Idaho.


Staging white birch logs for sale at Bark House

Product staging at The Bark House prior to shipping
Other projects with bark intact white birch poles
Left:  Hallway Flanked With White Birch Poles
Center:  Captivating Dining Hall With Soaring White Birch Trees
Right:  Contemplative Bedroom Backed With White Birch Logs

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