CaraGreen creates a lovely vignette with Bark House White Birch Bark Wall Treatmen

White Birch Bark Wall Treatments

  1. How much does the color vary in the different panels?

Because white birch is a natural product, the color, texture and character can
vary greatly from one piece to the next.

  1. Can I specify more white, grey or black tones?

We will always work to accommodate client’s preferences within the limits of
our raw material inventory.

  1. How hard is the installation process? 

There is a simple installation guide on the website here. The tools and materials
that are required range from screw guns and panel adhesive, z-clips to a crown

  1. Where is the white birch sourced?

Most of our white birch is sourced from the New England region of the United

  1. Will the bark flake? 

A natural characteristic of the white birch tree is loose, paper thin bark.  As the
tree grows, it regenerates its outer layers.  Harvesting the bark, interrupts that
process so that some initial flaking might be expected after installation.

  1. How will this react in a powder room or bathroom with moisture?

As long as the room has proper ventilation, then it will do fine.

  1. Do I need to worry about delamination from the substrate?

Delamination is not a problem as we use application appropriate adhesives under
an extremely efficient vacuum pressing system.

  1. What substrates can I choose from?

We normally use plywood or MDF.  You can specify your substrate.

  1. What are the largest sizes I can get?

The largest sizes include 4’x8′ on plywood or 5’x12′ on MDF.

  1. What is the lead-time on orders?

In most circumstance, a 4-6 week lead-time is normal.

You may want to view the complete FAQ on the product page linked here: https://barkhouse.com/natural-bark-wood-products/white-birch-bark-wall-panels/

If you have any other questions, please contact us via email [email protected] or call our office at (828) 765-9010.  We’re here to assist you.

CaraGreen creates a lovely vignette with Bark House White Birch Bark Wall Treatmen
Fresh Start vignette by CaraGreen (CaraGreen.com)

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