Truth to Material

Bark House has wall panels in the Denmark Museum

Bark House® bark wall coverings are designed to uplift the simplicity of bark and the complex strategy of nature into buildings and the building of communities.  The strength of truth to materials is demonstrated on environmental, human, and systems scales through our nature inspired Whole-Building™ system.  Truth to the bark material as a strategy of nature is at its foundation and reflected in all levels.  This work regenerates air-water-soil; every person who touches them and the investment strategy of the built environment.  Third-party certification verifies inputs.   Outcomes are evidence-based.

This truth to materials approach changes everything about how materials are grown, sourced, handled, and product end-of-life disposition.  It changes everything about how people handling the materials-to-products are honored to work in nature.  It changes everything about the role of the end-user as they create a living-legacy through investment in the built environment and proudly display this integrity.

The bark tree covering is translated directly as interior and exterior wall coverings.  The raw simplicity of the bark material is kept pure with solar heat, hand processing, and no chemical additives.  The 3-D texture, natural lichens, and bird peck scars are uniquely compelling.Bark House has wall panels in the Denmark Museum

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