Poplar Bark Planters and Benches at Rockefeller Center

Bark House Poplar Panels are used to create tree planters in Rockefeller Center.




Location:  Rockefeller Center, New York

Product: Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels

Planter Designer and Fabricator: Future Green Studio

Project in Coordination with: New York Botanical Gardens


“Your bark sheets are the perfect complement to the woodland inspired, native plantings we have installed in the center of Manhattan at Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens. The rustic texture of the bark, lichen included, enhances the forest-feel of our design, and provides an essential, unexpected element to the overall effect.”

                 – Nancy Seaton [Associate Designer & Horticulturalist]

Planters designed by Future Green Studio from Bark House Poplar PanelsPoplar Bark from Bark House creates Planters in Rockefeller Center NYC Poplar Bark from Bark House creates benches in Rockefeller Center NYC

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