REGENERATE – A Post Pandemic Theme Part 1

From Travel to Products – Your Purchases Decide What Businesses Stay and Go


Regenerative work designs are growing.   This recent article in the NY Times introduces us to the idea of Regenerative Tourism.  We can substitute the industry segment “tourism” with “regenerative business” and our goals would be similar.  From the article:

“We’ve managed to shift the thinking from having their primary objective be about growing the numbers, to creating …flourishing communities and having them say what kind of [businesses the inhabitants] want,” said Anna Pollock, the founder of Conscious Travel, an education and consulting enterprise devoted to positioning travel as a force for good…

The experience of the pandemic — when many are discovering the power of their pocketbooks in supporting local businesses like bookstores and restaurants — is, perhaps, the most instructive in demonstrating sustainability, even if the travel involved is within a few blocks of home.

“Travel [and product choice] is an important vote of your principles,” said Mr. Baker of OneSeed. “When you decide to put your time and resources into [something], you’re affirming that’s the type of business you want out there.”

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