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Bark House @ Milford Sound
To EMBARK is to begin a new journey of exploration. Interestingly, this state makes no promise or false claim of excitement, glory or fulfillment. Yet for so many of us, the idea of journeying holds a magic allure. It beckons to us sweetly with predictable routine. A new journey suggests a fresh start like being released from past mistakes but retaining the benefit of experience gained and wisdom carried forward. Is this why we explore?


Each of us prescribes our own adjectives in preparation of traveling. We hold our own beliefs about what is waiting for us. As an experienced journeyer myself, my personal success most often rests in recognizing the journey as a void – and knowing that void is not empty – it is pure potential. Therefore the journey depends on me. But I have come to depend on the journey to peel away my layers of falsity and judgment and to become open to wander and wonder.  I have often found that in this state, magic happens. It can be as simple and real as trail magic. While hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, I needed re-hydration salts. The Med student I met in Cuzco the evening before appeared, recognized my desperate state and offered them. It can be as profound and fleeting as a moment in nature when my own innocence touched me as the mist faded away. It can also be bold, making the heart pound. Such incidents as scaling cliffs to escape drowning in high tide on the West Coast Trail, running for cover from tear gas in Quito or racing to the airport to avoid unrest during elections in Uganda come to mind. Each of us have our own stories. We have all stood where two paths diverged in a wood…. and our journey began anew. EMBARK invariably became the metaphor inviting you to join us and begin this new journey, together.

Content Details:
Week one will highlight a bark-architectural project from desirable locations across the country and  internationally.  The section is called “BARKITECTURE”.  It will cover modern to traditional designs; commercial and residential; interior and exterior projects.  It will showcase the talents of esteemed Architects, Builders, Designers and Fabricators.

Week two will share the inspiration that we find in nature.  It will chronicle botanicals and extrusions that are utilized in our product creation as well as big picture ideals and observations.  Modern themes and historical perspectives will enliven the dialogue. This section is called “FOREST RAMBLINGS”. It is a means to grow or extend in an organic fashion.

Week three will give a rare look at daily operations inside our company.  This section is called “WITHIN BARK HOUSE”.  It will cover stories directly from our front-line vendors and our staff.  It will reveal the deeper meanings behind our logo, slogan and other public facing materials.  It will define the new standard of quality and why it has to include sustainability.  If you have ever wondered what a company means when they say they are a triple bottom line (people-planet-prosperity) industry, we will share why it’s an important conversation today.

Presently, week four will culminate in our ongoing Newsletter that is sent via email subscription.


Naming The Blog:
No less than 25 emails were circulated in-house asking for feedback on different names for the Blog. The rationale for the second contender follows.

The Wall can be a place to add texture or color to our lives. It’s a place to pin ideas. It provides a protective barrier against harsh elements. We all hit the proverbial wall from time to time and gain strength and perseverance when overcoming the given obstacle. It may also stop us and force stillness… sometimes when we don’t want it, but need it. The main purpose at The Bark House is to create beautiful wall treatments from reclaimed tree bark that connect buildings and people to nature in an authentic and meaningful way. We believe that a space that allows us to experience nature intimately, can fundamentally alter how we think about ourselves and all that surrounds us.

The Embark BLOG grants rare access to evocative and award-winning “Barkitectural” projects, with a look inside the processes that create them.  This comes to you via firsthand experience from homeowners and a host of dedicated experts.  We will be highlighting the latest projects from across the world which will include commercial and residential installations.  In addition to striking photos, stories will ponder the relationship between what people build and their daily lives.  The formatting is set for those with hectic lifestyles that are on the move.  As unique as the architecture are the perspectives we offer on sustainability.  Specific examples of how sustainability integrates into product-process-purpose are shared.  Entertaining posts mix with more serious ones and target those for whom only the best will do.

Bark House @ Milford Sound
Ready to Explore Milford Sound


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