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Highland Craftsmen Repurposes Unwanted Tree Bark

When they started fashioning tree bark into decorative wall coverings two and a half decades ago, Chris and Marty McCurry were not seeking to merely carve out a niche in the design world.  Instead, the innovative couple built what was to become a venerable Western North Carolina small business on a broader vision: blurring the line between the built environment – homes and office buildings – and the natural world.

…While its products and sustainable manufacturing processes have largely remained unchanged, its reach has greatly expanded, growing to sell its artisanal goods in every state and overseas.  Most of its bark comes from a 50-mile radius of Spruce Pine.  Employing more than two dozen workers, it works with between 175 and 250 logging crews each year.  The bark is processed on-site, untouched by chemicals such as sealants and stains.  Over the years, the company has drawn attention not only for its products, but for the holistic philosophy that is embodied in its tagline ”beautiful, outside and within”.

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Bark House Panels Peeling Bark 2

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