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Building a regenerative Company and a Whole Community

Our handcrafted wall coverings for interiors and exteriors are made to evoke the substance and the essence of trees themselves, in a product that builds an authentic connection between nature, individuals, and the built environment. We believe they are beautiful, unique and bridge a widening gap between the built environment and the organic, natural world in which we are all truly a part.

…But we also wanted to see beyond our products, to the way we operate as a company. We wanted stakeholders to know that we are a business that values pure products; is regenerative for people, planet and shared prosperity; and desires to build whole communities. We wanted to create a new industry around what was formerly considered a waste product in a community hit by years of economic decline. And we’ve worked hard to bring those benefits home.

…Regenerative companies are built from the ground up, providing a net positive impact on the triple bottom line. They take a systems view of business, and understand the interconnectedness of what the company produces, and how it benefits an ecosystem of people, place and purpose. Being a wholistic, regenerative company is about the impacts you are supporting or opening up for stakeholders that they identify as positive, about improving the environment, and creating economic viability for others.

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Launched in 2006, Sustainable Brands has become a global learning, collaboration, and commerce community of forward-thinking business and brand strategy, marketing, innovation and sustainability professionals who are leading the way to a better future.  We recognize that brands today have a unique role to play in both focusing corporate energy and also influencing culture.  We seek to enable the success of better brands that are helping shift the world to a sustainable economy by helping them embed purpose-driven environmental and social innovation into the DNA of their business so that sustainability becomes a core driver of business and brand value.

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