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Bark House Wall covering panels in Parsons NYC



Bark House® is making building eco-friendly wood products in a whole new way – one that collaboratively supports regenerative design processes for prosperity, people and the planet. Nature inspired this work and taught the principles we follow.  The product and processes have earned Architectural Record Product of the Year, the only PLATINUM Cradle to Cradle® Certification and ten B Corp Best for the World awards.  This work serves as an important prototype with verified impacts of whole-building, allowing the processes to be duplicated in other markets.

It’s been amazing seeing the regenerative design community integrating products created at Bark House® into their projects.   Every building owner, designer and developer has a vision for their project.  In the past, the lack of regenerative products in the marketplace overwhelmed the client’s intuition about what their project was uniquely capable of.  Clients are now engaged in building lasting prosperity with shared resilience in a community that is benefiting.  They are demonstrating the goodness within human-nature.  Plus, they are helping to improve the natural environment.  All of this is happening today.

This is a new paradigm: understanding the difference between what a building looks like, and the opportunities that exist for our role in this much larger system of whole-building.  Our products and processes were designed from the knowledge that our clients and workers are drawn to nature.  Although with differing sentiment, they both understand the deep value of pure quality.  Clients know that the building they design will create a lasting legacy.  Workers embrace the legacy of living in connection with the land.  The two are inextricably linked.  Truly profound impacts are realized by all stakeholders that only their inputs are capable of creating.

The most stringent certifying bodies have recognized the rigor and strength of our processes and eco-friendly wood products.  They are written about and awarded by prestigious magazines and media outlets.  The public benefits from the rigorous evaluations of these unbiased perspectives.

Through the process of whole-product making, our team is realizing that our beliefs about human-nature and the nature of the eco-friendly wood products we make are one in the same.


Bark House CTA for white gold birch cherry bark poplar bark wall covering

A Product of Human-Nature
Transcends the Nature of Human-Products

The Bark House Brand Poplar Bark Exterior Siding won the 2016 Architectural Record Product of the year award

Factory Like a Forest – Product Like Trees


This PowerPoint course provides an in-depth philosophical discussion of a new way to make products for the built environment. A way that is regenerative, not just sustainable. It includes specific examples for demonstration purposes that have been verified through third party certification used to rate specific characteristics.

Bark House at Highland Craftsmen Inc Regenerative Architectural solutions PowerPoint Presentation image

Through the process of whole-product making, our team is realizing that our beliefs about human-nature and the nature of the products we make are one in the same. This White Paper provides a brief introduction to that.



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