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In 1990, Marty and Chris McCurry invested in a five year R&D process of creating a building product that was pure and whole.  The only predecessor was a 50 year bark shingle made from the extinct American Chestnut tree.  It had been specified on six structures for an exclusive development in North Carolina by the Architect of the Lincoln Memorial.

The first “squared” bark shingle was never manufactured in mass.  Blight had wiped out the American chestnut tree by 1940 so a suitable alternative tree bark had to be identified.  The shingle was not created for modern air-tight construction, so new methods had to be engineered for its manufacturing.  Tools, equipment, supply chain, clients; all had to be created.  This was the only prototype available, and although the re-engineering would be challenging, the application was lasting and beautiful.  As for the inspiration for the processes, that came from nature.

Learn From The Best Teacher – Nature

Marty created a wall covering that was pure.  He supported processes that honored the local culture – training vendors and creating a supply chain that would share the business income.  He met personally with our first clients and this began the legacy for our client demographic.  By 1993, Marty tested the product on a family home.  Chris recognized the balance of the whole-system that was emerging.  The company was actively protecting the integrity of nature, honoring the essence of the people it served and sharing its prosperity.  This justified nurturance and stringent commitment.  The couple built a company that quickly gained regional attention.

Know Who You Truly Are When The Going Gets Tough

By 2006 the company had to guard against espionage as others wanted to copy and sell the products.  Company photos and webpages have been copied.  The brand name, logo and mantra closely approximated.  The product poorly mimicked.  But our commitment, our essence and our stories cannot be duplicated.  The growth that clients, the community and workers supported was based on truth in process, not manipulation or knock-off.  It took a few heart-pounding years for the public outside our circle to fully realize that the products were being made very differently.  The material honesty and whole-process was unique to only the Bark House® Brand.  Clients, the community and workers gave testimonials.  It is relationship that creates a legacy and makes The Bark House non-displaceable in the marketplace.

Active Engagement With Clients, Community & Workers

Beautiful Outside and Within, is the company slogan and mantra.  It provides a statement that is reflective of the products, processes and people who are engaged with this brand.  With a little investment of time learning about the truth of how and why the company functions, is what compels trust and sharing the brand story – a story about clients, community and workers.  Third party certifications verify baseline claims, stakeholder engagement builds unique relationships, but it is because we listen to you, that we are made better.  If you have not already, our team openly invites you to connect with us.

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