Christian Louboutin Flagship Store – Miami Design District – C2C PLATINUM – Bark House Wall Treatments

Exterior poplar bark siding on Christian Louboutin flagship in Miami

4 Magazines Find Soul In Grand Opening

  1. 8 Miami Shops to Make This Summer the Most Stylish Season YetOcean Drive Magazine

The unmistakable red soles are coming to the Design District this month as Christian Louboutin’s much-anticipated store opens its doors. The two-story space—built with sustainability in mind using Bark House poplar tree panels…

  1. In a MR Magazine interview, Christian Louboutin shared, “The excitement of this project brought me back to my roots”.

“Christian Louboutin’s unique artistic touch is a crucial part of what enhances the overall experience of visiting the Miami Design District,” added Craig Robins, president and CEO of DACRA, an early pioneer in the revitalization of Miami’s South Beach neighborhood. “Once again, as he did in 2009 when he was one of the first brands to discover our neighborhood, he has added yet another distinctive creative statement to the Miami Design District with this new flagship store.”

The space, which was designed in collaboration with 212Box Architecture, is inspired by the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris. The interior features double height ceilings, a mezzanine balcony and brisesoleil windows. Natural elements including soft bark walls of white and gold birch as well as pin cherry accents.

  1. The Next Miami Headlines: Christian Louboutin’s New Design District Store Is Covered With Tree Bark.  So far the comments have been positive.  Folks believe it will weather the storm.
  2. Christian Louboutin Miami Flagship Boutique Opening Celebration in World Red Eye.
Photo credit: World Red Eye

The lush tropical landscape served as inspiration for the organic aesthetic of the exterior, while the interior is a nod to the brands Parisian roots and Louboutin’s travels.

Photo credit: World Red Eye

Spoiler Alert!  There is more to come, we promise.

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