Carney Logan Burke Architects’ Riverbend Residence

Bark House poplar bark panels wall covering that has been sanded and painted blue




ARCHITECTURAL RECORD Features home “…with strong connections to the world beyond its walls”

Product: Bark House® Poplar Bark Panels, in-house finish

Architect: Carney Logan Burke

Custom Millwork: Poliform, Western Woodworks, Brandner Design, Willow Creek Woodworks

Bark House Distributor: Earth Elements

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

From Architectural Record:

“The [owners] gave the design team a lot of creative license. ‘Their list of requirements was pretty short,’ says principal Eric Logan, ‘beyond the programmatic demands and an emphasis on treading lightly on the land’ (a prerequisite given that much of the couple’s philanthropic work focuses on environmental causes). ‘She wanted something modern that reflected her values. He just wanted some warmth’.”

“In a valley rife with the trappings of National Park–inspired design, the architects are happy to bring clients along as they depart from these memes, imbuing their work with their own interpretations of what the West has to offer. ‘There’s a lot of wonderful stuff we see, driving around the landscape of Wyoming, like rusty pickups, ag ranch buildings, snow fences,’ says Logan. ‘They are unpretentious, matter-of-fact moments that somehow feel appropriate to me.’ With the Riverbend Residence, the team has effectively captured this spirit with a straightforward formal solution and restrained use of materials. ‘It’s just a dumb box, after all,’ says Logan, ‘rendered in a palette intended to weather and blend with the environs over time’.”


Bark House poplar bark panels wall covering that has been sanded and painted blue
“Adding the color finish gave the sanded bark a personalization that I loved seeing.” – Holt Whitson




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