Dis-connectivity has left humans longing for our better nature.  Human well-being is supported by natural elements outside in forests and within building environments.  Nothing compares to stepping outside ourselves into a grand cathedral of trees.  When the strategy of the forest has been honored in the sourcing and making of products, nothing is quite like having the most forward-facing aspect of a tree – the bark – in an interior or exterior space.  In this case, we are talking about monolithic poplar bark panels as catalogued here.

But, what about supporting nature as we support ourselves?  It is normal to think of manufacturing has to be extractive.  It is normal to think that we have to trade-off or to accept some bad to get more good.  What if you did not have to compromise?  Did you ever consider that buying a product could benefit you, other people, and nature?  Did you ever consider that you could support a business to not just do business as usual, but to meet regenerative goals that you share with them?

If you are new to Bark House, we invite you to learn how.  If you are not, we encourage you to share your project story that we’d love to share on our EmBark Blog!

-In honor of trees and forests and the people who love them –

Thanks to our German Distributor, FREUND, for the project photos.

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