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HOME – Ever wonder who else loves Bark House?  See our commercial clients.
PRODUCTS – Need to find something quick?  Select and View.
AUTHENTIC –  Looking for real value?  New videos from the community, employees and vendors share their stories from deep in the woods.

image credit:  Dreaming of Spring by CaraGreen

New Products


POPLAR END CUTS – Being installed right now at the new BP headquarters in Denver.

BIRCH LEATHER – Be the first to share photos of this rich, new product.

New Education With AIA Credit

Factory Like A Forest – Whole Building Whole Building Products



What if a manufacturer made healthy wall coverings with natural aesthetics and unparalleled quality that improve the air, water and soil as well as forest health?

What if the making of these products symbiotically supported the core values and growth of the employees, vendors and residents of the local US community where they are 100% sourced and made?

What if the client purchased building products for their project that supported the regeneration of communities and the environment – making this their lasting legacy?

This presentation demonstrates how The Bark House has created a process of whole-building with whole-building-products that is accomplishing this.

Instagram – 62 Posts And Counting


See great projects including NIKE NY HQ project preview.

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