4th Quarter, 2014


The Results Are In!

Your feedback keeps us moving upward! We received heart felt comments from clients with homes nestled here in the Blue Ridge Mtns that have supported us from the very onset of this
company. New clients on the forefront of cutting edge design in metropolitan areas shared their ideas on product utilization. Thank you so much for enriching our lives by sharing your
beautiful insights.

“Each design is FANTASTIC!!! And would be creatively perfect for the venue you describe! What a wonderful, beautiful, new concept! Once again Highland Craftsmen has surpassed everyone in
creativity, design, and keeping the character of the Appalachian bark alive for us all! Thank you Marty, Chris and all your team.” Paula Withrow

“Very Elegant… exciting designs… beautiful… innovative… keep it up, please…my clients are every excited… ”

It’s Easier Than Ever To Select Your “Windfall Prophet”

Marty loves nothing better than to share the stories of each individual windfall prophet. You can learn where it came from, what the age it is and what each character mark says about the
life of the tree. The new product catalog begins this conversation and makes your selection process easier. Please take a look.

Spruce Pine lends itself to great photo shoots with a plethora of natural scenery, RAW buildings, alley-ways and industrial sites. Marty and Chris agreed to assist Carroll Leather (from Boone
NC) with site identification and procuring props. Before day’s end, the couple had taken center stage as walk-on models. Look for them in upcoming ads.

From Green Builder Magazine, “Bark House is a Certified B Corp, and the company’s bark shingles are Cradle to Cradle Gold certified.”

Look for Highland Craftsmen’s Bark House in the Encyclopedia of Materials, published by Laurence King Publishing. The intent of the publication is to communicate how materials are an
elementary source of inspiration. This book is written by Élodie Ternaux also co-author of Materiology released in 2012. The publication is programmed for the end of 2014 and its
distribution will be international.

Bark House News
Please join us in welcoming Michele Camp as our new Office Manger. This photo was taken while she was in Colorado. Michele and Chris know each other well after volunteering together
for 12 years (combined) with the Spruce Pine Main Street Organization. Click here to read more about Michele.

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