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April, 2017

Earth in Design

Our Earth Day Pledge as a Regenerative Business

We acknowledge that this is not an unchanging, static planet.  We affirm the role of businesses in that dynamic.  We pledge to increase active engagement with all stakeholders with in the built environment, and share the results of that feedback.

Regenerative design is a philosophy that reaches beyond being merely sustainable.  It empowers creative potentials in pursuit of unique, whole-system benefit.  Inspired by nature, The Bark House believes that value is innate within every entity.  The unique expression of that  “value” creates new potential that is further enhanced through connection.  Ours is not the weighty task of changing the world.  We seek to enliven whole-systems that are naturally beautiful.  We aim to honor people, planet and share prosperity.

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Linville Gorge Hike 2017

The Bark House Team Did it Again!

Our expert team loved their 2016 Hike so much that they did it again in 2017.

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“The business was intentionally designed to create whole-building products that are pure, with processes that are regenerative to people, planet and prosperity.”
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Chris spoke about Corporate Social Responsibility/Regenerative Design at the Leadership NC at the beginning of this month.

A Stand 4 Trees:  John McCurry’s History Competition White Paper.

Join us for a River Clean up in June (Mitchell County, NC).  Email Chris McCurry for details.


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