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AIA Ethics


…As noted “Building materials: members should select and use building materials to minimize exposure to toxins and pollutants in the environment to promote environmental and human health and to reduce waste and pollution (Ethical Standard 6.3).”

In spring of 2018, ARUP developed “Healthier Materials Protocol for Architects and Designers,” a 116-page report.

This report notes “The AIA recognizes that building materials impact the environment and human health before, during, and after their use. Knowledge of the life cycle impacts of building materials is integral to improving the craft, science, and art of architecture. The AIA encourages architects to promote transparency in materials’ contents and in their environmental and human health impacts.”

A much more powerful shift is occurring that changes the emphasis from the exclusion of materials to ensuring good practice in their selection.

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Whole-Building mobilizes investment in the built environment to improve the health and vitality of communities and nature.  This practice views “building” as an opportunity to engage the essential capacity of all stakeholders to participate in communal, economic and environmental enrichment as an integral function of creating a built-environment.
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…The Appalachian region has a special sense of place.  Walls of ancient mountains shrouded in mist with cascading streams hold the promise of refuge and revitalization.  This regenerative attribute infuses the land and the forests in this place.  It is within the RAW™ (Reclaimed Appalachian Wood Waste) materials used in Bark House product making.
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