Fall Fantasy – November 2017

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EmBark                       November, 2017

My Favorite Tiny House

The first Tiny House has a modern interior designed by CaraGreen.  It has clean lines and the creative integration of lighting really accents the texture of the bark.  Another benefit is that the bark wall covering dampens the interior noise (great for any crowded space – large or small).

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Fall Fantasy

White birch and sanded, then finished poplar wall coverings offer the perfect pairing to match any interior and bring nature inside your space.  The rich textures of bark – painted or stained to accentuate any palette – adds drama and interest to your walls.

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Chris is a Keynote Speaker at the IDEC SW Conference

An excerpt from her speech:

The diagram below expresses a model that designers have subscribed to.  The pinnacle of this project is to serve the vision of the client(s), hoping to do no harm to the planet or people in the process, with a foundation in beautiful design.

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