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Product: Bark House® White Birch Wall Coverings

Project: Asplundh Cancer Center at Abington Jefferson Health

Architect: EwingCole

Millwork: Jafco LLC

Location: Willow Grove, PA

Project Vision:  “What makes the design and planning for the Asplundh Cancer Center unique is the client’s vision of a healing environment for cancer patients that also helps heal the building site itself. The notion of healing within a natural environment drove the design of the project. More than just locating an isolated healing garden, the client’s vision capitalized on the opportunity to reconnect the building inhabitants to an ecologically restored and vibrant landscape. The result was a building whose form is defined by a site strategy.” Source:  Architect Magazine


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THE PROBLEM: Worldwide, a new built environment the size of New York City is completed every month.  One of the largest impacts on climate change is in how building-products are manufactured.  The innate-power of product-makers and users has been discounted.  These elements represent the greatest voluntary investment and cost to people and the planet.  Changing the strategy of this system is urgent.

THE POTENTIAL FOR ALL: Bark House® bark wall coverings are…

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Certification fatigue is a growing complaint shared across a spectrum of users that include design teams, owners, and product manufacturers.  Resistance to jumping through hoops to earn a certification that seems to have a zero-yield for users and little or limited benefit for the environment or social structures is growing.
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