Preview Bark House NIKE – NY HQ – April 2018

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Preview Bark House NIKE NY – HQ


At center court in the new NIKE headquarters in New York City – 30 foot high environmentally friendly, Cradle to Cradle® Certified Bark House® Poplar Wall Coverings.   The wall began with visits from Jonathan Jackson with WSDIA (We Should Do it All) to the Bark House manufacturing facility in Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.  The Bark House team worked intensively with Jonathan to create a line up to fit Jonathan’s design.  It took 50 panels that totaled up to 2,200 sqft in order to cover the 2 enormous walls.  A week later, the panels that Jonathan hand picked were crated and shipped to NY to be installed.

WSDIA has a very creative approach to their design method, and shares that “process is our guts”.  The Bark House team has noted that most clients resonate with the nature of the wall coverings on a very deep or gut level.  They are entranced, finding something real in a world of imitation – which reconnects them to their roots.

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Holly Lindvall, Vice President of Human Resources & Diversity with the NY Mets, and Lea Goldman, Editor-in-Chief at LifeTime Television, lead group discussions with women athletes on “She Believes in Her Ability”.
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Chris McCurry speaks to Leadership NC 2018 Cohort at Warren Wilson College near Asheville and to the 2018 International Interior Design Association in Durham –  North Carolina.
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