Spruce Pine Main Street Central Park

Main Street Central Park: poplar bark wood shake siding on visitors' center

Project Complete and OPEN for Events


Core Team:
Spruce Pine Main Street – Chris McCurry, Coordinator – President
SPMS Board of Directors and Design Committee
UNC-Chapel Hill Kennan Flagler STAR Team
ASU Department of Sustainability Architecture and Interior Design Students

To change the financial trajectory of the Main Street District through design and collaboration.

Responding to unifying area themes of “River, Rocks, and Trees” – the natural, economic, and cultural building blocks of
Spruce Pine – the Central Park project solves immediate downtown needs while making a special place in the heart of
the downtown district. The Main Street Central Park accomplished this by providing a design solution of sustainable site
and building strategies that is sensitive the local ecology. Through the design efforts of architects, artists, builders and
landscapers, the vibrant arts and crafts culture of this community has been celebrated in a collaborative,
interdisciplinary work that is unique and of its place.

Open and Active
A cross-collaborative project, the Spruce Pine Town Council unanimously provided follow-on funding secondary to
several local businesses generously donating to this project. Community events such as Fire on the Mountain, First
Fridays and others have appreciated the new space. Art pieces and finishing touches as well as the living wall remain to
be funded, and donations are welcome.



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