Creating a Company with a Triple-P Mission

William McDonough, the Founder of Cradle to Cradle had this to say about Highland Craftsmen back in 2011: “If you look at what’s going on at Highland Craftsmen… you are looking at a product that is almost a sacred thing…. People are being honored with jobs, forests are being honored with sustainable forestry, and the buildings that use these materials are being honored with safe, healthy materials”.  Watch the video with Bill McDonough presenting Bark House shingles on stage and talking with and Chris McCurry afterwards in Charlotte, NC.

This company was created in 1990 with a passion to celebrate and protect WNC natural resources, architecture and way-of-life.  Our community has grown across the U.S. and society has changed in the past 25 years but our company’s  mission and values have remained aligned and true.  I invite you to review our Company Mission Statement.  Good things stand the test of time.  Bill McDonough’s words were relevant in the past, and are today as well.


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