Marty and Ryan hamming it up

It may not be the HAPPIEST of HOLIDAY sentiments but in reality, most of us are thinking this on some level even before the first serving of turkey and dressing has hit our plate.  It’s really what holidays are all about – remembering that’s why big family gatherings only happen once a year.

Unless you live or work in a small town like us.

We’ve stopped traffic more than once on upper street this year.  We have an upper street and a lower street.  Technically there is an upper-upper street, but that is absolutely all the streets that run parallel.  It’s all that would fit in the valley next to the river and the railroad tracks.  So, when things are this small – everybody knows what’s going on.  Traffic was lined up all the way to the second red light (there are only two) and horns were tooting as we staged yet another photo shoot on upper street – and this one was a doozy.

We must have the best staff in the world or maybe we are all just flawed enough to get the inside joke – just like a family.  If you think this photo is tactless, some of the ideas that were tossed around were a thousand times worse.  “Wait for next year” preceded a low unanimous chuckle of agreement. [Edited by Michele, the only sane one of the bunch, to add:  …and one cry of dismay]

The Bark House Crew Hamming it up for the Christmas Tacky Challenge

The Bark House Crew Hamming it up for the Christmas Tacky Challenge

Marty and Ryan posingJiggy and Honey looking gorgeous

And earlier today, we shared our holiday meal…

Some Played Hard
Some Played Harder Than Others
Some Chilled
Some Chilled
Some Were Off To The Side
And Some Sides Were Really Off

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