REGENERATE – A Post Pandemic Theme Part 2

From the desk of Carol Sanford on Regenerative Living


“Life has never felt less certain, in a global sense, than it does right now. Whether you believe that uncertainty is being created by or simply revealed by current circumstances, learning how to navigate it is a top priority for everyone from business leaders and parents to concerned individuals looking for ways to promote positive change… This drive to compete harder and become more aggressive in the face of uncertainty misses the opportunity it presents to understand life and create new growth.

“By shifting from the limited paradigm often offered for dealing with uncertainty—which is the same limited thinking that is responsible for wars, economic collapses, and pandemics in the first place—to a regenerative paradigm based in understandings of living systems, we can connect with larger scale imperatives and perspective. Rather than working in a fragmented way to solve one problem at a time, as often happens in a crisis, we are able to see the wholeness of the nested living systems we inhabit and understand the effects of our actions within them.

“For example, we might ask, “am I acting in a way that’s compatible with the permanence of life on Earth?” That permanence may still be uncertain, but aligning our decisions with a long term view of what’s required for life to continue on Earth is the best way to contribute to a future in which it does.”

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